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Be Healthy. Be Balanced. Be Vibrant.

Small Group Classes

Vibration Is Energy

Misty DeWitt has been teaching people how to heal their bodies for over 10 years. She is a certified life coach, with a specialty focus on vibration therapy. Direct experience within her own transformation led her to bringing these tools into the public eyes. She has been a pioneer of progressive research in innovative health practices for individuals, businesses, and communities. Her passion to share her lessons and experience empowers a judgement free client interaction.

Pro Vitae Vibration Studio was a pillar of the Downtown Vancouver culture for nearly 5 years. Thousands of local people were able to experience WBV therapy and shake up their health with miraculous results.  Creating a collaborative program to include energy intelligence, ancient wisdom, and plant nutrition is the next evolution of 

Pro Vitae Technologies!

Indigenous Wisdom Meets Modern Culture 

Greg Asbury is a highly skilled coach, certified energy medicine practitioner, and Shaman. He has a rich background in business, education, and indigenous wisdom practices. Greg is a catalyst in discovering who you really are and understanding your highest purpose using a proven framework of personal basic energy skills, shamanic training, and understanding how we communicate in relationships.

Energetic Principles

Energy flows to and from us constantly. How would it feel to learn skills to replenish and retain your own vitality?

Understand others, improve relationships, be more present and energized, and increase your own awareness. 

Join us for a 10 month workshop which meets one full day monthly.  Parents, teachers, coaches, healers, business people, and leaders; everyone can learn the practical skills of this framework.